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Flower Preservation 27cm circle display

Flower Preservation 27cm circle display

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A beautiful 27cm extra deep circle display containing your own real dried flowers and foliage. This item it is 7cm deep so deep enough to have a lot of forward facing flowers including roses. This circle is designed to either be a standing piece balanced by rubber feet to make it stand securely or as a flat laying centrepiece.

A name and date can be included inside the heart as an extra upon checkout. 

This sized circle is suitable for many flowers and could potentially display about half or a whole small dismantled bouquet depending on its size.

We have other sizes and shapes available including spheres, hearts, cubes and jewellery.

The shipping option of “Rush my order” will ensure as soon as your flowers are dry they will be made as a priority.

Please check the banner on the main page for our current waiting time for flower preservation. 

Confetti, ribbon, beads or any other keepsakes can also be preserved if it has been sent with your flowers. 

Once you have placed your order your confirmation email will contain the address to post your flowers and packaging instructions.

Full instructions on how to package your flowers

We can supply a kit to send your flowers 

Terms of service are available to view on our FAQ page 

For any questions or custom shapes or sizes please message us here or on our Facebook page.

Once you have placed your order you will receive an email confirming your order. This email will include your order number which MUST be included with your flowers and the address to send them to.


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