Here are some of the frequently asked questions -

Will resin yellow over time?

We use some of the best resin currently available on the UK market with the best UV resistance although this is the case ALL RESIN WILL YELLOW EVENTUALLY (no matter what any other preservation service tells you). We provide care instructions to help with keeping your piece in the best condition for many years to come. 

You don't stock the size or item i would like, Can you help?

Yes! We happily take on custom sizing and can even give you a range of options depending on your budget.

What items do I need to pack my flowers?

You can view the flower packaging instructions to prepare all the items in advance of sending your flowers. 

My flowers are a week old can you still preserve them?

Yes! As long as your flowers haven't started to mould we can still preserve them although the end result may not be as bright or look as "fresh" as some of our example photos.

Can you preserve fresh flowers?

Unfortunately not all flowers have to be dry before we preserve them or they will rot very quickly inside your finished piece.

How will i know where to send my flowers?

You will receive a confirmation email containing packaging instructions and the address to post your flowers once you have placed your order.

How does your service work?

Once we receive your flowers we start the drying process, this can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Your flowers will then join our waiting list and be stored safely until we are ready to preserve them. Once your flowers are preserved we then ship the finished items back to you.

How will my items be delivered?

When we ship your finished preservation to you we use several methods ensuring that if anything does happen (hopefully never!) they are fully insured for the value of your order.

Can you send me a proof design?

We can send a design for approval this must be requested when you place your order although sometimes during the final preservation process some parts may need to be moved or removed although we try to keep this at a minimum.

I have dry flowers can you preserve them?

Yes! We have to dry all flowers before preservation although having pre dried flowers may limit the sizes of the items as I am not able to manipulate dried flowers in the same way as fresh.