Terms of service

Terms of service. Flower Preservation

The drying process of flowers takes 4-8 weeks depending on the type of flower. Once your flowers are dry they will join our preservation waiting list. The length of this list varies weekly, all orders that have selected ‘rush my order’ at the checkout will automatically join the top of this list once the flowers are dry.

Some of our items are only suitable for very small flowers or petals. If this is the case we will do our very best to include as much as possible and as much variety inside each piece.

The letters F, P, S and J will not free stand without additional support due to being unbalanced.

Please be aware that when drying flowers they may shrink and there may be some change in colour. This is completely normal and is a side effect of the drying process. Flowers that come into contact with oils from any source including being touched by bare skin will have areas of bruising. This will appear as darker or translucent areas during the final preservation. This cannot be seen or predicted prior to completion. 

We are not able to set fresh flowers into resin as they will decompose quickly.

The flowers must be as fresh as possible when we receive them to achieve the best results. If the flowers have begun to wilt or deteriorate in any way the drying process may not be successful and the flowers may not look as fresh once preserved and any browning that has already occurred cannot be reversed. It is your responsibility to ensure that your flowers arrive in the best possible condition for us to achieve the best results. We cannot be responsible for flowers that arrive damaged for any reason. 

Order numbers MUST be included inside the box with your flowers if this does not happen I will be unable to match your flowers to your order. This may lead to me having to dispose of any unmatched/unlabelled flowers.

All commissions are non refundable unless we cannot complete the piece.

Some flowers that have been chemically treated or dyed may affect the finished piece. These effects are unpredictable and can include but not limited to, bubbling, colour leaching into the rest of the piece or cloudiness.

All of our creations are handcrafted using the best quality materials available however due to the nature of handling real dried flowers and foliage, bubbles and slight imperfections may occur although we do our absolute best to keep them minimal.


By purchasing your flower preservation items with us you consent to us as Nogard Creations using photographs and or videos of your flowers and finished pieces for promotion.


Nogard Creations may make changes to these terms of service from time to time