Bespoke Flower Preservation Service

Welcome to Nogard~Creations, flower preservation and cremation jewellery specialists based in rural Cambridgeshire.

We are a husband and wife run business and we work together to design and create your precious keepsakes. 

Find out what sets us apart from the rest!

Quality Materials and Expertise:

Our flower preservation methods are backed by tried and tested materials sourced from reputable suppliers. With over 3 years of experience, our work is a testament to exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Transparent Process Updates:

As part of our commitment to a five-star service, we keep our clients informed at every step of the preservation process through timely email updates. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Unlimited Availability, minimum orders and Late Bookings: 

Our expansive office space ensures that we can accommodate clients' needs without limitations. We do not have a minimum order so we are happy to accommodate any budget. Whether you're planning ahead or need last-minute bookings, we're here to bring your vision to life.

Convenient Flower Drop-Offs:

Our large office space allows us to offer appointment-based flower drop-offs in a welcoming and relaxed environment. Get a firsthand look at our example pieces while discussing your custom requirements.

Insured Postage for Peace of Mind:

No matter the size of your order, we take the extra step to fully insure each item during postage. Your treasured pieces are in safe hands from creation to delivery.

Personalisation and Custom Pieces:

We thrive on turning your unique visions into reality. Our bespoke and personalised approach ensures that each piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reflecting your individuality and sentiment.

Coasters & Tealight holders

Wedding and funeral flower preservation into beautiful tealight holders available in various... 


Beautiful frames to display your preserved bouquet or wedding flowers they can... 

Paperweights & Spheres

Wedding and funeral flower preservation into beautiful paperweight spheres in various sizes 

Wedding packages

Wedding flower preservation into our beautiful letter and heart or ampersand packages 

Letters & Display blocks

Wedding and funeral flowers preserved into freestanding display blocks and freestanding letters... 

Hearts & Cubes

Wedding and funeral flower preservation into our beautiful freestanding heart & cube... 

Flower Preservation Service

Encapsulating your precious flowers into beautiful ornaments, keepsakes and jewellery

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Find out more about the flower preservation process

once we receive your flowers we begin carefully drying them, which can anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks once we receive them. 

Your flowers will then be creatively arranged into your chosen preservation style. We will always try to feature as many of your flowers as possible to ensure that your final item is a beautiful representation of your bouquet. 

If you require designs sending to you for approval prior to the final preservation this must be requested at the time of purchase. If it is not requested we will use our own creativity to design your item. 

Once designed your flowers will begin their final preservation by casting them into our high quality resin. This process takes a few days whilst we work in layers to minimise bubbles and create a 3D display throughout the piece. 

Once fully cured the sanding and polishing begins, once completed we send your chosen items back to you!
If your flowers have already been dried or pressed we will still be able to help. Just give us a message to discuss suitable items.

if you have anything unusual to add such as a champagne cork just pop it in with your flowers with a note saying you would like it included

Sterling Silver Cremation Jewellery

At Nogard~Creations we don’t just preserve flowers. We can also create beautiful cremation jewellery to keep your loved ones close at all times.

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Find out about the cremation Jewellery process

We understand the feeling of wanting to keep a loved one close, when we lost our son Charlie we knew that was what we wanted to do. Unfortunately we had not made anything like that and over time have studied to be confident enough to offer this special service. 

All of our cremation jewellery is sterling silver, high quality and made in the uk. Unlike some of the cheaper silver jewellery from abroad ours do not tarnish as quickly (tested by ourselves). 

Cremation jewellery takes around 3-4 weeks to complete although it can be shorter or longer depending on the time of year.

We offer a range of over 30 colours to help to make the ashes more defined once they are set into their resin stone. From dark blues like a night sky to bright yellows like a setting sun we can offer your loved ones favourite colour or your own as a background. 

Your loved ones ashes will be carefully placed piece by piece over the colour in a very fine clear layer of resin.

Once the fine layer has dried your loved ones ashes are then sealed inside the jewellery piece with a final layer of resin. 

When we ship your jewellery piece it will be presented in a luxury gift box with a silver polishing cloth along with of your loved ones remains that are unused after creating the jewellery. 

 These are posted via Royal Mail special delivery giving you piece of mind that they are fully insured and will arrive the next day.

Cremation Jewellery

Keep your loved ones close with our cremation jewellery, beautiful sterling silver... 

A little bit about us

We started our business at the beginning of 2020 and when the pandemic started our business started to grow, after a few months of practice and becoming more confident in our craft we were approached to preserve a clients funeral flowers which kickstarted the flower preservation side of our business. 

After my wife and I suffered a tragic loss of our baby Charlie at the end of 2020 we decided that life was too short to be working as well as trying to run our busy household and grow a business we both took the plunge and left employment push forward with our business.

From then we have grown from strength to strength and as of the middle of 2022 we have preserved over 1200 peoples precious wedding and funeral flowers and have gained over 1500 five star reviews and are highly recommended within the wedding industry and amongst other resin artists. 

During the summer of 2022 we decided to grow our business even further by moving our business from our house into a office unit and started to offer another service by making cremation jewellery designed to be able to keep your loved ones close for years to come.

As we move through 2022 we can’t wait to show you new shapes and styles to preserve your wedding and funeral flowers and different styles of cremation jewellery.

We hope you find something truly special on our site to help you keep memories close 🥰

Lots of love,

Laura & Jamie x

  • I can’t thank Nogard Creations enough for the most beautiful 2 resin pieces she made for me incorporating my father in laws funeral flowers. She has created two amazing resin pieces that we will treasure forever! The process for these does take some time but the wait was totally worth it! I would totally recommend their services to anyone who wants a precious item to last a lifetime! Xx


  • Amazing! Cannot thank Laura and Jamie enough Kept me up to date with the process The preserved flowers are 10/10 Amazing can’t thank them any more beautiful Xx


  • "Item arrived looking incredible! My
    cousin loved them, I know the process
    seems long but it's totally worth it and I'm
    so glad we opted for this to preserve her
    wedding bouquet for life! Was a nice little
    surprise ahead of their 6 month wedding
    anniversary. Thanks again! X".


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Wedding Supplies

Wedding supplies

A collection of personalised supplies to make your wedding day extra special 

Bespoke and Custom

Do you have a specific idea in mind? Cannot find the item you would like? We can create many custom and unique items, with our bespoke service we can create your ideal flower preservation. Pop us a message to discuss your requirements .

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