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Flower packing kit

Flower packing kit

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Pack your flowers with confidence with our flower packaging kit.

What you will receive -

      • A box with fragile tape, “contains flowers” and our address on it.
      • A cardboard florists vase.
      • Newspaper to pack around flowers.
      • Tissue to keep your stems fresh.
      • A bag to wrap around the wet tissue.
      • A elastic band to keep your keep the stems together.
      • A sealing bag for any other keepsakes
    • Packing instructions. 
    • A non prepaid address label.

These items are easy enough to get but this takes the stress out of a already busy few days.

This is a great option if you are asking a someone else to post the flowers for you or if you are going straight on your honeymoon.

The pack will make it so easy for you to or someone else to package the bouquet safely without having to hunt down any materials and reduce stress of leaving it with someone else.

Please make sure you order this within plenty of time to ensure you have it before your event. This item takes 7-10 working days to arrive

 For full instructions on how to package your flowers please click here

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