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Cremation photo plaque

Cremation photo plaque

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Introducing our Geode-Shaped Rectangular Memorial Plaque, a timeless tribute crafted with care. Measuring 30cmx18cm, each plaque is meticulously created using ethically sourced mica powders and adorned with gold or silver leaf, featuring a matching edge for an elegant finish.

The gold or silver finish option will mean they will have leaf, text and edging finished in either gold or silver.

Customize your memorial plaque with 1 or 2 separate colors, creating a unique and personalized effect. The main example photo showcases a harmonious blend of grey and light blue, setting a serene tone. We will email you when a order is placed with colour options for your plaque.

Incorporate meaningful elements such as a cherished photo, a heart crafted from cremation ashes, or a name in silver or gold to seamlessly match the plaque's finish. Share any flat or shallow memorial items, hair, or fur you'd like to include in this heartfelt piece.

To create the heart from ashes, approximately a heaped tablespoon is needed, ensuring a touching and symbolic addition to your memorial. Any remaining ashes will be thoughtfully returned along with the completed plaque.

Designed for display, each plaque comes with an adjustable stand, allowing you to showcase this beautiful tribute in your home with grace and remembrance. Honor your loved ones with a memorial plaque that captures the essence of their spirit and memories.

We have full posting instructions on how to package your loved ones ashes safely.

We have a packing kit we can supply with everything you need to post your loved ones ashes. This is available in our shop.

If there is a different shape or style of jewellery we do not stock please contact us with the style of jewellery/shape of stone and we will do our very best to find your perfect piece.

All of our creations are handcrafted using the best quality materials available however due to the nature of handling resin bubbles and slight imperfections may occur although we do our absolute best to keep them minimal.

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