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DNA/cremation packing kit

DNA/cremation packing kit

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Title: Cremation Remains Jewelry Packaging Kit

Ensure a respectful and secure journey for your loved one's cremation remains with our comprehensive packaging kit. Designed to provide peace of mind during transit, our kit contains everything you need to safely send the remains to us for the creation of memorial jewelry.

1. Information Leaflet: A detailed guide for the client to fill out, ensuring accurate processing of the remains.
2. Small Seal Bag: Securely holds the cremation remains.
3. Larger Seal Bag: Provides an additional layer of protection for the remains during transit.
4. Address Label: Pre-addressed to our office for your convenience.
5. Shredded Paper: For cushioning and added protection.
6. Pip Box: Safely stores the small seal bag containing the remains.
7. Instructions: Step-by-step guidance on how to use the kit and send the remains to us.

Shipping Recommendation:
While the kit does not include a prepaid label, we highly recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery for the safe and expedited shipment of the cremation remains to our office.

Sending off your loved one's remains for memorial jewelry creation has never been easier or more secure. Trust our packaging kit to handle this delicate process with the utmost care and respect.


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