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Natural Confetti - Two-Tone Rose Petals

Natural Confetti - Two-Tone Rose Petals

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Real Two-Tone Rose Petal Confetti - Naturally Radiant and Handpicked in the U.K. 🌹

Elevate your wedding day with the enchanting beauty of our Real Two-Tone Rose Petal Confetti, handpicked from gardens flourishing in the serene landscapes of the United Kingdom. Each petal showcases the natural splendor of roses, and what's more, they boast exquisite two-tone hues, all without any dyes or artificial coloring.

Product Details:

  • Quantity: 5L bag, thoughtfully designed for up to 100 people, ensuring an awe-inspiring confetti shower on your special day.
  • Personalization at Its Finest: Dive into the realm of creativity by mixing and matching our captivating colors. Choose from Sunset Kiss, Palest Pink, Lavender Rose, Ivory Pink, Damson Rose, Caramel Gold, and Burnt Orange to curate your perfect confetti blend, harmonizing flawlessly with your wedding theme.

Why Choose Our Real Two-Tone Rose Petal Confetti: 🌹 Naturally Vibrant: Our confetti petals boast naturally vibrant two-tone colors, evoking a sense of romance and elegance that only real roses can deliver. 🌹 Pure and Eco-Friendly: As we refrain from using any dyes or artificial colorings, our confetti remains pure and eco-friendly, embodying your commitment to an eco-conscious celebration. 🌹 Handpicked in the U.K.: Each petal is lovingly handpicked from U.K. gardens, ensuring unmatched freshness and pristine quality for your unforgettable day.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Select your preferred confetti bags and hues from our stunning range.
  2. Get creative by crafting a custom mix of colors to reflect your unique style and wedding vision.
  3. Distribute the confetti bags among your cherished guests for an exuberant confetti toss, filled with the elegance of real two-tone rose petals.
  4. Capture the magical moments on camera as the petals cascade around you, enhancing the enchanting atmosphere of your special day.

Embrace the mesmerizing charm of our Real Two-Tone Rose Petal Confetti, meticulously grown and handpicked in the U.K. Experience the genuine radiance of natural two-tone hues that require no dyes or artificial additives, offering you a pure and eco-friendly celebration.

Create memories that will last a lifetime with this captivating confetti option. Let the inherent beauty of real roses grace your wedding day, as you and your guests bask in the love and wonder of nature. Order now and indulge in the essence of romance and elegance with our Real Two-Tone Rose Petal Confetti. 🌹✨

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