Our story

Welcome to Nogard~Creations, flower preservation and cremation jewellery specialists based in rural Cambridgeshire.

We are a husband and wife run business and we work together to design and create your precious keepsakes. 

We started our business at the beginning of 2020 and when the pandemic started our business started to grow, after a few months of practice and becoming more confident in our craft we were approached to preserve a clients funeral flowers which kickstarted the flower preservation side of our business.

After my wife and I suffered a tragic loss of our baby Charlie at the end of 2020 we decided that life was too short to be working as well as trying to run our busy household and grow a business we both took the plunge and left employment push forward with our business.

From then we have grown from strength to strength and as of the end of 2022 we have preserved over 1200 peoples precious wedding and funeral flowers and have gained over 1500 five star reviews and are highly recommended within the wedding industry and amongst other resin artists.

During the summer of 2022 we decided to grow our business even further by moving our business from our house into a office unit and started to offer another service by making cremation jewellery designed to be able to keep your loved ones close for years to come.

As we move through 2022 we can’t wait to show you new shapes and styles to preserve your wedding and funeral flowers and different styles of cremation jewellery.

We hope you find something truly special on our site to help you keep memories close 🥰

Lots of love,

Laura & Jamie x

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