Magenta flowers customers

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Magenta Flower Preservation's closing. For years, the company has been a trusted source for preserving the memories of special occasions through their innovative flower preservation services. Unfortunately, like many small businesses, Magenta Flower Preservation has presumed to have been hit hard by the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and rising costs. 
This has resulted in a lot of negative reviews against magenta flowers, the owner and their parent company MAD DEALS LTD.

The closure of Magenta Flower Preservation is not only a loss for the company, but also absolutely devastating for their loyal customers who have entrusted them with their precious flowers. Many of these customers may be wondering how they can preserve and recover their lost flowers. While we cannot replace the unique services that Magenta Flower Preservation provided, there are still steps that customers can take to help preserve and recover their flowers.

The company that we presume owns the building Magenta Flowers operated from is attempting to help people recover their lost flowers through their website on this link -

And also through a dedicated Facebook page called “Magenta flowers customers” 

Here at Nogard Creations we are trying to help with the burden and offering 10% off for people that have been let down by Magenta flowers, all we need is a screenshot of your order with magenta flowers and we will supply you with a discount code to be used on our website, we will try to match the shapes to what you had ordered through them as best we can. 

Finally, we encourage Magenta Flower Preservation's customers to reach out to the company directly to inquire about the status of their preserved flowers. While the closure of the company is unfortunate, they may still have preserved flowers in their possession that they can return to their customers.



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