Flower preservation

We complete the whole process once we receive your flowers we begin carefully drying them, which can anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks once we receive them. 

Your flowers will then be creatively arranged into your chosen preservation style. We will always try to feature as many of your flowers as possible to ensure that your final item is a beautiful representation of your bouquet. 

If you require designs sending to you for approval prior to the final preservation this must be requested at the time of purchase. If it is not requested we will use our own creativity to design your item. 

Once designed your flowers will begin their final preservation by casting them into our high quality resin. This process takes a few days whilst we work in layers to minimise bubbles and create a 3D display throughout the piece. 

Once fully cured the sanding and polishing begins, once completed we send your chosen items back to you!
If your flowers have already been dried or pressed we will still be able to help. Just give us a message to discuss suitable items.

if you have anything unusual to add such as a champagne cork just pop it in with your flowers with a note saying you would like it included

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