Cremation jewellery

At Nogard~Creations we don’t just preserve flowers. We can also create beautiful cremation jewellery to keep your loved ones close at all times.

We understand the feeling of wanting to keep a loved one close, when we lost our son Charlie we knew that was what we wanted to do. Unfortunately we had not made anything like that and over time have studied to be confident enough to offer this special service.

All of our cremation jewellery is sterling silver, high quality and made in the uk. Unlike some of the cheaper silver jewellery from abroad ours do not tarnish as quickly (tested by ourselves). 

Cremation jewellery takes around 3-4 weeks to complete although it can be shorter or longer depending on the time of year.

We offer a range of over 30 colours to help to make the ashes more defined once they are set into their resin stone. From dark blues like a night sky to bright yellows like a setting sun we can offer your loved ones favourite colour or your own as a background. 

Your loved ones ashes will be carefully placed piece by piece over the colour in a very fine clear layer of resin.

Once the fine layer has dried your loved ones ashes are then sealed inside the jewellery piece with a final layer of resin. 

When we ship your jewellery piece it will be presented in a luxury gift box with a silver polishing cloth along with of your loved ones remains that are unused after creating the jewellery. 

 These are posted via Royal Mail special delivery giving you piece of mind that they are fully insured and will arrive the next day.

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