Suzy’s wedding flower preservation

In December we received Suzy’s bouquet to preserve into a 20cm block. Her bouquet was a stunning winter theme that contained a mixture of stunning white roses, lisianthus and pine cones painted to look like they are covered in snow. These were accenting with small thistles and a lovely combination of greenery. Including eucalyptus and fir.

As soon as I saw the bouquet I knew this would be one of my favourite flower preservation displays. Once the bouquet was dry we started to make the piece by pouring layers of resin. The layering process takes 2-4 days depending how deep the display is.


When the initial layer is poured we start to place the flowers into the display. Suzy had requested that the layout in her flower preservation was similar to her bouquet.


Suzy chose a 7cm depth which we absolutely love to make as it gives us a lot of space to be able to create a layered design. She also specifically asked for the pine ones to be included which we were more than happy to do!

Once all the flowers have been placed into the layer we then begin to fill the resin layer by layer over the space of three days and add any extra flowers into any empty spaces we notice.

Before the final layer we added a name and wedding date inclusion to the bouquet preservation as requested to make it just that extra personal.

I really think this is one of the most beautiful wedding flower preservation blocks we have created so far!

You can view a video of this piece being made here -

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